Lashes and brows

Lash lift will leave your natural lashes are curled in a perfect position using the latest award winning Italian products, while we infuse them with Vitamin Lash Botox to instantly thicken and improve lash condition. Lashes are visibly thicker by 34 % and will keep getting longer, fuller and thicker in between treatments. Results last 8 weeks.
Vitamin Lash Botox (Offered as a standalone treatment or during lash lift service), will improve the lash and brow hair structure, protect against environmental factors, extend the life cycle of the hair and stimulate new growth. It will also repair any existing damage, thicken and lengthen the hair, while it protects, strengthens and nourishes.

Brow Lamination is the ultimate wow factor for beautiful brows. It will give you the appearance of a fluffy brow with added thickness and can also soften thick and wire like hairs or correct deformed hair growth. Our Lash and Brow experts will enhance your brows to be perfectly suited to you.

eyebrow lamination adelaide

Lash tints are a temporary make up alternative. The hairs are dyed suitably dark to alleviate requiring mascara. The results are stunning and lasts about 4 weeks. Lash tints are suitable for most clients and is a fantastic way to make your eyes stand out. Brow tints are dyed in a similar way using a colour suited to your skin type and hair colour to enhance the brows. The results last about 2 weeks.
Eyebrow wax and shape, often complimented by a brow tint will define the shape and open up the eyes. Regularly maintain your brows with an expert Brow specialist to keep that perfect shape all the time.

Henna Brows is similar to a brow tint with a longer lasting skin and hair stain. Henna can achieve a bold, modern and long lasting look that will mean you won’t need to pencil them in each morning. Waking up with gorgeous brows will have you hooked on henna. Staining on skin can last up to 2 weeks and 4-6 weeks on the hair.


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